Let's go on a journey with us 

In the following lines, you'll discover what awaits you. Before deciding whom to trust with your confidence and finances, please go through the description of our journey together.

You can delve deep into it, browsing maps of our previous journeys to one-of-a-kind interiors. We actually want you to get engrossed in the world of OOOOX, as we've been living in it for twenty years. But if you're looking for a quick way to connect with us, here's a sentence.

With you, we define uniqueness and beauty. Architecture and the journey to the goal is OOOOX.
of our journey

Architects vary. Whether you're looking for an architect for your interior or home for the first time, or if you already have some experience, it's good to know in advance what you can expect. 


At OOOOX, we have created our own world over twenty years of work, into which we joyfully invite all clients. Not only do we design top-notch architecture, but we also shoot videos, have our own podcast, publish a magazine, write a blog... we share our values. Just as there are different architects, there are also different approaches to architecture.

Let's go on
journey with us

That's why our itinerary has hundreds of pages, hours of videos, and thousands of photos. Since childhood, we've known that travelogues of the most adventurous expeditions are long. And your journey with us will be an adventure that we want to enjoy together.


The world of OOOOX is full of surprises, beauty, and intricate details. And the journey to your new home or apartment with us will be unique.



You don't have to study architecture, you don't need to know in detail how the spatial decision links to the building permit, or why notifying the building authority takes so long.


That's what we're here for, to guide you through the entire complex process. In the beginning, we only ask one thing from you: Define beauty. Describe uniqueness. Because the architecture and the journey to your goal are on us.


If you have time now, stay here with us. Surf the waves of the World of OOOOX. Come back here. Walk through the forest of our articles. Listen to our stories. Browse beautiful photos. Play with this website, because when we built it, we played for days and months. We selected, assembled, wrote... and above all, thought about everything that happens during construction. Right at the beginning, then on paper, in the computer, on site, in your wallet.


We take responsibility for all of this, and our knowledge and experience make all the decisions here. This is where you will find everything you need to live according to your imagination. And also the role we play in it.


& answers
and beauty...

In our OOOOX World, you'll find answers to questions you might be asking yourself right now. How long does it take to renovate a house or apartment? How is renovation approached? How do you choose the right materials? How do you combine them in different spaces of a home? How much does a new house actually cost? How much does a new apartment cost? Is it possible to connect two apartments on two floors in the Old Town? (It is). We have asked these questions for you, found the answers, and added our own touch. And why beauty? Because for us, it permeates the entire architectural design process.

Architecture, according to OOOOX, has many facets, and for instance, takes the form of a blog. Personal stories from travels can be found at

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