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Exactly what you can expect from us at OOOOX. When you're building or renovating your apartment or home, beautiful visualizations aren't enough. You need the assurance that someone truly knowledgeable about design and construction is by your side throughout the journey.

OOOOX is the architectural studio of Radka and Jakub Valovi. And of their dedicated team, who ensure that what you've dreamed of and designed with us will be solid and functional. The concrete won't crumble, doors will close softly, and the wood will have a pleasant scent - that's our vision of renovation or construction. Our architecture is robust and steadfast.

Our world

Welcome to the world of OOOOX. It's not just a portfolio of our projects, but everything that permeates our lives. It reflects how we live, how we travel, and everything we love. It's the World of OOOOX. Here, we'll introduce not only our work but also our work process. We'll guide you through the places we've visited. We are two architects with a little Viking named Erik at home (he really is a blond Viking), who already looks like an architect, and an old white Boxer dog named Cibule.

Our world is broadly shaped by our travels: we love wild nature and off-roading alike. We adore Iceland, but we also enjoy traveling to cities, especially up north, where we stay in designer apartments and end up mainly wandering around pubs and admiring architecture. We have a passion for industrial and militant structures (especially Radka), so in Vienna, Berlin, or Hamburg, we tour bunkers and submarines and roam docks among container ships. You can find all these delights on our travel website, TORLEIDI.

Housing as the foundation

We live in a beautiful black barn, secluded in the mountains, where once stood the first anarchist printing house with a view overlooking the valley. We love renovations so much that we didn't tear down this ruin but instead squeezed out its maximum potential. So when it comes to renovations, we speak from personal experience. This is where we draw energy, where we find peace, and where we feel wonderful. We work in a factory in Holešovice, where famous Prague ham was directly produced: yet another industrial space.

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